Autism is a developmental disorder of the human brain that first shows signs during infancy or childhood and follows a steady course without remission or relapse.

The Candle Trust began in 2001 when a small group of parents in the Plymouth area recognised that as their sons and daughters were approaching school leaving age, their future options were few or non-existent.

The seven young people who inspired the start of CANDLE have severe autism and severe learning difficulties. They require a high level of support and care to enable them to remain feeling calm and able to enjoy their lives.

Some of the young people have limited or no verbal communication skills.  Some of them respond positively to the support they receive when undertaking everyday tasks. All the young people need some level of support, if not full support in order to complete daily living skills.

Despite this severe degree of difficulty in understanding what others want from them and in making sense of the world, each of the young people are individuals with very different interests and personalities.

All have a right to:

     a good quality of life;
     some fun and enjoyment;
     an experience of humanity;
     provide advice for parents of children or young adults with similar levels of difficulty.

The Candle Trust aims to:

     work with other agencies and services to advocate for the needs of such young people;
     purchase a base for day and respite services;
     help in the individual activity and life skill programs for each of the young people;
     provide advice for parents of children or young adults with similar levels of difficulty.

Please help us to provide a future for young adults with severe autism and help us to ease the anxiety of parents who face an uncertain future for their child.

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Thank you.